Preludio Nš3 (M.Villa-Lobos) (interprete Rene Mora)



The characteristics and details which serve to identify a Menduiņa System guitar are listed in this section.


All guitars must bear the numbered and signed patent tag apart from the makers label in a visible position.


Physically, it can be recognised by looking into the sound-hole, such as in the photograph. Floating braces glued to the top of the curved braces, can be seen from both sides of the sound-hole.

The help of a mirror, or simply testing by introducing a finger into the sound-hole to see whether or not the two braces that are situated on top of and/ or below the sound-hole are curved,  this is also protected by the patent.

All guitars must bear the numbered and signed patent tag (licence), apart from the makers label in an easily visible position, in such a way as to expose the identification number, as shown in the photograph.

If you have any doubt about the authenticity of the guitars, please contact us. Any guitarists who doubt the authenticity of their guitar can receive authentification free of charge from the Menduiņa System; thus legalising the situation, by placing in the guitar the identification of having payed the corresponding licence, although the maker may not have complied.

This same agreement will be applied to shops only once, regardless of the number of guitars affected.
With these measures you are helping to protect your
rights to use this patented, legalised  product, subject to quality control. This way we can avoid legal complications, and help avoid piracy.


  Legal  Warning.

Laws persecute the manufacturing, commercialisation, and possession, in illegal conditions.

The Legislation guarantees compliance with this clause, enabling authorities to act without previous reporting.

The Law 19 / 2006 of 5th of June covers protection and rights of intellectual property.

For more detailed information, consult the Patents and Trademarks Office.

Measures and legal action against industrial piracy.