Un Sueño en la Floresta (A. Barrios Mangoré). (interprete Rene Mora)


   Firstly, I would like to thank those in general for accepting the MENDUIÑA SYSTEM.


Especially those GUITARISTS and MAKERS who have helped us make MS known to the publlic, and whom we consider to be our collaborators and hope one day we can compensate.


It would not be fair not to acknowledge their honesty towards their customers as well as towards us in appreciating our efforts since the beginning up to now.


We respect the decision of those who have used the system but have decided not to appear on this page


With regards to market response, we have received considerable acceptance in Spain and abroad; supplies have been sent to Korea, Greece, Italy, Germany, Austria, France, Portugal, US, Australia and New Zealand. We have received an increase of more than 400 % during 2007 with respect to 2006.



With regards to supplies for 2008 prototypes and production tests are being carried out with more than ten luthiers and factories in Spain and we hope that contacts recently made outside Spain will also incorporate within this year


In research, we have very successfully carried out our first prototypes with acoustic (steel string ) guitars and hope to see the first launched on the market by the end of the year.


Other equally successful experiments have been carried out with the Spanish bandurria


In a more commerciial way we are studying the possibilities of introducing an economical range at 300 to 500 euros retail price with the intention of giving students and amatuer guitarists the chance to have an instrument that meets their demand. Prototypes done at this range  have shown great resuluts. An extra ten euros on a 200 to 300 euro guitar, given the good sound of the instrument, we think will not discourage anybody from buying it.


During last year we carried out  a survey on the influence of price variation of a guitar with added patent costs. This survey was carried out with a guitar valued at 1080 euros shop price, with an added 60 euro patent costs. We then placed four guitars, two spruce tops and two cedar tops, identical on the outside, two of which used the System ( one spruce top and the other cedar )-these were priced at 1180 euros and those without the system were priced at 1000 euros Out of ten guitarists only one prefered the guitars without the system. The other nine assuredly agreed it was worth paying the extra 180 euros, that´s to say they would have payed triple the value of the patent cost and the one who prefered the guitar without MS was´nt conditioned by price rather than his own sound preference.


There are also some luthiers who have gained a 500 % mark up, that´s to say the licence they pay 100 euros for will have the resulting increase of 500 euros on the same guitar without the System at 3000 euros- now at 3500 euros. In spite of this price increase the ones with the System obviously sold better.


We think these three examples are sufficient to explain the price of the use of the patent.


Although our customers know the  examination  service which we offer for the guitars they make, we would like to inform  future users of the System in this Introduction. This service has a limit for new users of two guitars every six months until they enter into continued production that we estimate would be after a year, after that we offer this service only once a year if required